When we launched in mid-2006, we were not merely exposing a larger audience to the shelves of an existing wine shop. This is by design an autonomous endeavor. We explore and select inventory independent of brick-and-mortar operations in suburban Chicago. Our site offers a constantly upgraded menu of premium and ultra-premium wine coveted by collectors of all kinds, from novices to unapologetic obsessives!

But there is more to life than trying to fill your friends and neighbors with wine cellar envy. We all have that image fixed in our memories of the pathetic character in the famous wine film sipping fabulous wine from a Styrofoam cup in a fast-food joint. Alone. Wine is always enhanced by people and places and food. So we are firmly convinced that an online destination for the wine inspired — this one — needs more than just great wine.

Thus, our commitment to the spread of Vintelligence. Before you conclude, “Oh, great, more flowery tasting notes,” relax. Vintelligence is our forum for words and images that celebrate the vintners, chefs, innkeepers and innovators who make the world so irresistible. The wine inspired life is not complete without the trinity of wine, food and travel.

Vintelligence is our 24/7 cellar, the place where we store ideas, news, opinions and revelations about wine and the life well lived.

 Come along. The journey awaits.